Taco Bell locations in Melbourne

Taco Bell Taco Bell Australia is a fast food chain offering Mexican cuisine, located in the city of Melbourne. The official Facebook fan page encourages customer engagement and feedback, while also providing guidelines for respectful behavior on social media. "Live Más" is their mission statement.



650-652 Glenferrie Road Closing at 22:00


8 Brechin Drive Closing at 23:00
254 Clyde Road Closing at 22:30

Greater Dandenong

1 Assembly Drive Closing at 22:30

Hobsons Bay

290/298 Millers Road Closing at 23:00


260 Somerton Road Closing at 23:00


352 Chapel Street Closing at 22:00


88 Derrimut Road Closing at 22:30

Yarra Ranges

266-268 Maroondah Highway Closing at 22:00

What people say

Taco Bell has been a popular fast-food chain amongst Australians for a while now. With the brand recently expanding and opening up more locations in Melbourne, it's not a surprise that people are taking to the internet to leave their reviews and comments on their experiences with the establishment.

One of the most notable things about Taco Bell is its affordability. Many people who have left reviews have praised the chain for having cheap yet tasty food. One reviewer even claimed that it was "the best bang for your buck". However, some reviewers did express disappointment with the portion sizes of some of the menu items.

Another common theme among reviews was the speed of service. Many people were impressed by how quickly they received their food, with one reviewer saying they "hardly had time to sit down before my order was ready". However, there were also some negative comments about long wait times during peak hours.

The quality of food at Taco Bell also seemed to be a hot topic amongst reviewers. While some people loved it, others weren't as impressed. One reviewer noted that their food was "tasty but not mind-blowing", while others expressed disappointment with the flavor and freshness of certain dishes.

Customer service was another aspect that received mixed reviews. Some people praised the friendly and helpful staff, while others complained about rude or uninterested employees.

Overall, it seems that Taco Bell has its fair share of loyal fans and critics in Melbourne. While affordability and speed seem to be what draws people in, the quality of food and customer service can vary from location to location. It's important to remember that everyone's experience is different, and online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

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