KFC locations in Melbourne

KFC KFC has a presence in Melbourne as a fast food restaurant and chicken shop. The brand emphasizes family values and encourages fans to be polite, respectful, and relevant when commenting on its page. Its rules prohibit offensive language or content, fraudulent or misleading posts, spamming, and the sharing of personal information.

What people say

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a global fast-food chain that has been satisfying customers' cravings for crispy fried chicken for more than six decades. The brand has a strong presence in the city of Melbourne, with multiple outlets spread across the city.

As a publisher of a review website, we have analyzed the online reviews and comments about KFC in Melbourne to gauge customer satisfaction levels. We found that KFC's online reputation in Melbourne is mixed, with some customers raving about their chicken while others expressing disappointment.

Positive comments generally praise the quality of the food, especially the chicken, as well as the prompt service and cleanliness of the restaurants. One customer wrote, "The chicken was so juicy and well-cooked, and the chips were crispy and fresh. I highly recommend this KFC location." Another reviewer mentioned how impressed they were with the staff's friendliness and efficiency, stating that "the service at this KFC is exceptional."

However, there were also negative comments from customers who had a less than satisfactory experience. Some common complaints included poor hygiene standards at certain locations, long wait times, and unpleasant customer service. One reviewer wrote, "The restaurant was dirty and poorly maintained. It was clear that no one had cleaned the tables in a while. The staff was also rude and unhelpful."

It is worth noting that some negative feedback relates to issues beyond KFC's control, such as delivery times or incorrect orders. However, it is essential for KFC to address these grievances promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, KFC's online reputation in Melbourne is mixed. While some customers have had positive experiences with the brand's food and service, others have expressed disappointment over hygiene standards and customer support. As an established fast-food chain, KFC must take customer feedback seriously and address any concerns raised to maintain its reputation in the competitive Melbourne market.



301 Nepean Highway Closing at 22:00


937 Calder Freeway Closing at 22:00
80B Harvester Road Closing at 19:00
72 Neale Road Closing at 22:00
80 Taylors Road Closing at 22:00


1 Damon Street Closing at 22:00


1-7 Belgrave-Hallam Road Closing at 22:00
2 Brunt Street Closing at 22:00
252 Clyde Road Closing at 00:00
2 Coventry Road Closing at 22:00
1280 Thompsons Road Closing at 23:00

Glen Eira

636-638 State Route 18 Closing at 22:00

Greater Dandenong

215 Greens Road Closing at 21:00
49 McCrae Street Closing at 19:00

Hobsons Bay

23 Central Avenue Closing at 22:00
168 Millers Road Closing at 22:00


420-440 Craigieburn Road Closing at 23:00


1239 Nepean Highway Closing at 17:30


1501 Eastlink Closing at 22:00


368 Barkly Street Closing at 22:00


171-197 Maroondah Highway Closing at 17:30
593 State Route 5 Closing at 22:00


203 Bourke Street Closing at 22:00
Shop G8, 620 Collins Street, Cnr Spencer Street Closing at 22:00
401 Swanston Street Closing at 23:00
743-751 Swanston Street Closing at 23:00
8 Whiteman Street Closing at 05:00


137-141 Bell Street Closing at 22:00


32 Elizabeth Street Closing at 23:59


137-139 Springvale Road Closing at 22:00


33 Spencer Street Closing at 23:00


210 Ballan Road Closing at 00:00
234 Heaths Road Closing at 17:30

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