Restaurants in Darebin

Types of Restaurants in Darebin Area of Melbourne

Located north of Melbourne city, Darebin boasts a vibrant food scene with a diverse range of restaurants serving up delicious cuisine from around the world.

Famous Restaurants in Darebin

  • The Real Greek Chef: This restaurant offers authentic Greek cuisine, with dishes such as souvlaki and moussaka.
  • Welcome To Thornbury: A popular food truck park that features a rotating selection of food trucks serving up everything from burgers to tacos to seafood.
  • Grinders Coffee: This cafe is known for its high-quality coffee and delicious breakfast options, including avocado toast and eggs benedict.
  • Red Door Corner Store: This cozy cafe offers a range of sweet and savory dishes, including homemade pies and cakes.
  • Open Studio: A trendy bar that serves up delicious cocktails and small plates, perfect for a night out with friends.
  • Greek Street Food: A casual eatery serving up classic Greek dishes such as gyros and Greek salad.

The Best Streets for Restaurants in Darebin

If you're looking for a street filled with dining options, High Street in Northcote is the place to go. You'll find an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving up cuisine from around the world. Alternatively, Station Street in Fairfield is home to a number of popular restaurants and cafes, including the iconic Grinders Coffee.

Darebin offers a diverse range of dining options for foodies to explore. From authentic Greek cuisine to trendy bars, there's something for everyone in this Melbourne suburb.

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What people say

Darebin, a suburb in the north-east of Melbourne, is known for its diverse range of cuisines and restaurants. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to dine. However, thanks to online reviews and comments, it's now easier than ever to get a sense of what's on offer.

One of the most popular cuisines in Darebin is Italian. There are many Italian restaurants in the area, but one that stands out is Umberto Espresso Bar in Thornbury. This family-owned establishment offers authentic Italian food that's made with fresh ingredients. Their pasta dishes are highly recommended, as are their pizzas. Prices here are reasonable, with mains ranging from $18-$30.

Another restaurant that's popular with locals is Sonido! in Northcote. This Latin American-inspired eatery has a lively atmosphere and serves up delicious dishes such as empanadas, ceviche, and grilled meats. The prices here are also reasonable, with most mains costing around $20.

For those looking for something a bit fancier, there's Estelle Bistro in Northcote. This restaurant has been awarded a Chef Hat and offers modern Australian cuisine with an emphasis on local produce. The prices here are higher than other restaurants in the area, with mains ranging from $35-$40.

If you're after something sweet, look no further than Beatrix in North Melbourne. This bakery is famous for its cakes and pastries, which are all made on-site. Their lemon tart and chocolate cake are must-tries. Prices here are very reasonable, with most items costing around $5-$7.

When it comes to where locals go versus tourists, there's a mix of both at most places. However, some restaurants tend to attract more visitors than others. For example, Umberto Espresso Bar is a favorite among locals while Beatrix is often frequented by tourists.

In summary, Darebin has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants and cuisines. From Italian to Latin American to modern Australian, there's something for everyone. Umberto Espresso Bar, Sonido!, Estelle Bistro, and Beatrix are all highly recommended by online reviewers and commenters. Prices vary but are generally reasonable, and some restaurants have even been awarded Chef Hats for their outstanding food.

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